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Special Care for Outstation Students

We at FIITJEE understand the needs of a student who is residing away from his home, the need of a home. We understand when a student is preparing for competitive examinations, what kind of mental stress he goes through. When he comes from his tightly packed schedule of school/FIITJEE classes he requires a comfortable environment to relax, hygienic and nutritious food to keep him mentally and physically strong, comfortable and good environment to study and more than all that he needs somebody who can listen to him, somebody who can understand his pain, somebody who can support him and somebody who can guide him. Of course most of us have also been in the same situation some time back.

We understand the difficulty of our students to prepare for IIT specially those who do not reside in Chennai. Our endeavor is to provide them ?Maximum? at a reasonable cost. We understand that in order to fulfill their desire to get into IIT they need to work very hard and they deserve to have a comfortable stay in the hostel.

We in FIITJEE provide the world class hostel at a very reasonable price. We have different hostels where we provide students the best facilities in an air-conditioned environment. School bus picks up the students residing in off campus hostels and drops them back making their transport 100% safe.
We have the following hostel arrangements in Chennai.

(An Abode for IIT-JEE Learning)

In association with Maharishi International Residential School, FIITJEE is offering Integrated School programs for students going to class 7,9 & 11, along with non integrated programs for students going to class 6 & 8. This place is approximately 40 kms away from Chennai. This integrated school is of 70 acres area and offers Airconditioned hostel and classrooms. For further details please contact us at +91-9677177712 or mail us at sriperumbudur@fiitjee.com. For more details about the school please visit www.maharishiirschennai.com.

acro asna hostel karate swim hostel
Swimming Pool


Program in Chennai Global School, FIITJEE is offering Integrated School Program for Students going to 9 & 11. This place is approximately 28 kms from Chennai. For further details please contact us at +919677177716 or mail id info@cpsglobalschool.com. For more details about the school please visit www.cpsglobalschool.com

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