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Eloquence - The spring of life

FIITJEE’s Pinnacle, Supreme and Ascent Plus programs are unique in their own ways.
Apart from training the students in a very competent way for various academic examinations such as IITJEE, AIEEE, Olympiads, KVPY etc, we also nurture them for an all round development by training them in Communication and presentation Skills.

Eloquence bridges the gulf between an individual and the world by moulding the personality traits and by inducing the skills of the language English; thereby our FIITJEEians get the best platform to face the challenges of the globe in a better perspective.
ELOQUENCE was a series of events comprising Pot-Pourri, Ad Zap, Just-A-Minute and Spoof. Pot-Pourri was an eclectic fusion of events, pictionary, and other such wacky games based on one?s proficiency in the English language.

.Ad Zap was for on-the-spot performers who could cast a charm on the judges. In Ad Zap students were given the task to convince the jury to accept their marketing skills on a given product. Unique as well as wacky ideas concerning the product were given bonus points.

JAM was the most exciting competition that showcased the most fluent speakers of the English language, pitched against each other in a battle to speak out for 60 seconds. They also tried to shut other chatterboxes? mouth without compromising on their own.

Spoof took the cake as it was the most entertaining of the lot. It is an imitative work created to mock, comment on, or trivialize an original work, its subject, author, style, or some other target, by means of humorous, satiric or ironic imitation.

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