IIT JEE Advanced 2015 Results: 18 Top in 500, 31 Top in 1000 and Total 374 Selections in JEE Advanced 2015.
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Mr. S Antony Raj Sr. Manager - Admissions antony.raj@fiitjee.com 9677177718 Admission in to various programs.
Mrs.Vijaya Lakshmi Sr. Manager - Admissions vijaya.lakshmi@usaunivquest.com 9840952227 Admission in to Usa UnivQest Programs.
Mr.Kamarasu Faculty kamarasu.palaniyandi@fiitjee.com 9677177716 Academic Operations at Chennai Public School Thirumazhisai
Mr. M Prabakaran Deputy Manager - Finance & Accounts prabakaran.m@fiitjee.com 044 43937162 Scholarship Cheques, Refund updates etc
Mr. R.Gunaseelan Sr. Executive - Finance & Accounts gunaseelan@fiitjee.com 044 43937164 Fee payments, Cheque Dishonours
Mr.Venkat Ramesh Manager-Academic Operations venkat.ramesh@fiitjee.com 8870477329 If you wish to escalate for any unresolved queries
Mr.R.Rajan Regional Manager r.rajan@fiitjee.com 9677177708 If you wish to escalate for any unresolved queries

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Courtesy: Chennai public School,
Global Education Campus,
T.H. Road, SH-50, Thirumazhisai
Contact Number: 9677177716



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