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USA UnivQuest

Programs Available

Integrated School Programs of FIITJEE

FIITJEE has launched the USA UnivQuest – a program aimed at preparing students of GRADE 9 and 11 towards admissions in Universities abroad.

FIITJEE believes that intelligence lies not in imitation but in making connections and extrapolations with what is learnt. It is with this objective that we at FIITJEE associate with certain schools to offer the integrated school programs which are an amalgam of our academic strength and the infrastructure of the school that we associate with. Not to mention the training which the child gets for his/ her boards.

Its Advantages: A Plenty…..

The Program is conducted only school hours. So that, preparation for SAT, AP, TOEFL as well as the Boards go hand in hand, without compromising on either end. With this approach – The time saved can be devoted to extra curricular activities or even academics.

Less Stress on the child.

This approach is scientific, assuring the performance of the child through assessment across various parameters.

An academically oriented child, develops a wholesome personality with this methodology.

The rich course material, classroom discussions, and demanding assignments typical of FIITJEE courses will help your child develop the critical thinking skills expected of college students.

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