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December, 2013

Dear Student,

Ever wondered what seems impossible for you comes pretty easy for somebody else

Fixing a broken gadget is a pleasure for someone and a headache for other

Colors, tones and hues make one’s world, and go meaningless for many

Mathematics—the subject is a game for those who have a knack for it, and a life-time puzzle for the rest of the world

All these have REASONS !

Your interests, inclinations, personality attributes and hidden natural talents are the REASONS – what the world calls the Aptitude.

When you do things you have an Aptitude for, success reaches you naturally. Choosing a career in accordance with your Aptitude comes ideal… Won’t it be perfect if you can pursue a career in a field that goes with your natural Talents, Inclinations & Abilities i.e. your Aptitude.

FIITJEE & USA UnivQuest bring to you the Brahmos - The Aptitude Test

Identify yourself. Identify your Aptitude.

An important element of the first Escape Velocity Test (EVT) is A Rare Combination of Potential Discovery, Goal Setting and Aptitude Testing, that assures you Success beyond the ordinary. Brahmos - The Aptitude Test, is very relevant for students of class VIII to XII & XII pass and is offered FREE of cost.

Escape Velocity Test aims to equip a Student with the best to choose the best career for him. The test not only assesses a Student’s True Aptitude through Brahmos but also judges his Potential for Career Stream chosen through various Potential Discovery Tests. The underlying objective of the test is to map a Student’s dream of studying a particular subject to his Aptitude and more importantly to validate it in accordance with his Potential, and to provide him with the best Goal Setting & Achievement Plan.

For students of class V to XII & XII pass, the Potential Discovery Test for JEE Main & JEE Advanced and NTSE, Jr. Olympiad & Olympiads will also be an Admission-cum-Scholarship Test for FIITJEE Programs.

Over a million Success Stories which concluded with admissions at IITs & NITs and the numerous achievements of enabling Students to get admission in World’s Best Universities in USA is our expertise that the entire world acknowledges. With such a huge experience and having pioneered & mastered the concept of Testing & Mapping the IQ with Success in JEE Main & JEE Advanced (erstwhile IIT-JEE), FIITJEE & USA UnivQuest now bring the same level of expertise to let Students assess their Potential & Aptitude.

There is no such test that is backed with a live experience of handling millions of Students over the last two decades making it the ONLY TEST that possesses the ability to correctly assess / analyse a Student’s Potential & Aptitude.

To know more about Brahmos - The Aptitude Test & Escape Velocity Test and for Online Registration,
please visit :

For any further queries, reach us at 1800 208 1133 or 1800 11 4242

We wish you best of luck for Escape Velocity Test (EVT).

We are sure, this Test will help you chart a road map leading to glorious Career.

The Team Escape Velocity Test

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