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Two Year Condensed Classroom Program (for IIT-JEE)
Text Box: TWO YEAR CONDENSED CLASSROOM PROGRAM  for  IIT-JEE, 2016  (For XI studying students)

Word of Advice

FIITJEE prepares you for IIT-JEE in a Pattern Proof Mode. We are the only institute where students do well not only in IIT-JEE but other Engineering Entrance Exams and Boards. With weightage for Boards FIITJEE programs are like an insurance policy to ensure you an optimum result.

FIITJEE’s Two Year Condensed Classroom Program has been designed for those students of class XI who could not join Two Year Classroom Program for some reasons. The Program is suited for only those students who can cope up well with both IIT-JEE training and school studies at this juncture. The main features of this program are as follows:

  • Entire course would be covered in 5 (five) phases.
  • Phase - I (150 hrs.) has been designed in such a manner that all important topics in the JEE syllabus of Class XI can be covered to a large extent before the examination of class XI.
  • Remaining phases (II, III, IV & V) having 320 hrs. In total to be covered after class XI exam. The second phase will commence from last week of March / first week of April, 2015.
  • Performance of students is monitored by series of tests and quizzes.
  • The Admission to the above program is made through an Admission Test in which students performing to a certain standard are acknowledged for their potential by award of scholarships (Tuition Fee Waivers).
  • Entire Course would be over by December, 2015. The students of Two Year Condensed Classroom Program will also join all the Tests of One Year All India Test Series for several tests on the JEE(Main & Advanced) pattern to develop sound examination temperament.

. Other Course Structure:

  • Entire course is divided into 5 phases followed by special classes of Rank Improvement Program.
  • Extensive coverage of additional topics for JEE (Main).
  • Each phase has exhaustive quizzes and Phase Tests (both on JEE Main & JEE Advanced pattern).
  • Phase Tests are followed by Test Analysis Sessions.
  • Right mix of classes, problem solving and doubt clearing sessions.
  • Comprehensive pattern proof & thoroughly revised study material.
  • Periodic tests on the JEE pattern.
  • Regular feedbacks & test analysis sessions.
  • Home assignments / Workbook.
  • All India Internal Test Series (AIiTS) : These test make students acquainted with a diverse set of examination patterns and alongside confer them with their National level performance ranking in the respective patterns. Tests are based on the common minimum syllabus of all classroom / School Integrated Programs.
  • Chapter Practice Problems (CPP): On each chapter students will be given chapter practice problems which they have to attempt and submit before the beginning of the next chapter. These solutions will be checked by the faculty members and then would be returned to the students with remarks and suggestions. Thus helping every student to have a very strong command over fundamental conceptual knowledge, which is very crucial for getting Top ranks.
  • Class Learning Improvement Program (CLIP): Icing on the cake of every class will be done through Class Learning Improvement Program for those who have completed all assignments to further help them get a higher Rank / performance in IIT- JEE, & Other Engineering Entrance Exams.
  • Rank Potential Index (RPI) / Success Potential Index (SPI): We are the only institute in India having the capability to predict Rank Potential Index (RPI) / Success Potential Index (SPI) of a student. We constantly encourage our students to emulate their Rank Potential Index (RPI) / Success Potential Index (SPI).
  • Rank Improvement Program (RIP) of about 80 to 100 hrs.
  • Additional help for XII Board Exams. Practice Mock Test Papers for XII Board Exam.
  • IIT-JEE Archive: Question Bank with Answers.
  • Grand Masters Package (GMP) & All India Test Series (AITS)
  • Online Test Series Support through www.mypat.in
  • Rankers Test Papers File (RTPF).
  • Additional help for Other Engineering Entrance Exam.
  • Open Test for JEE (Main & Advanced).
  • Dedicated academic operations team provides feedback at any point of time apart from scheduled parent teachers meetings.


Classroom contact hours of approx 470 hrs: 150 hrs. in XI & 320 hours in XII. However, the actual total input provided to the student is more than 600 hours which includes

*  Doubt removal sessions
*  Rank Improvement Program
*  Phase Tests and Tests of All India Test Series
*  Test Analysis Sessions etc

Since inception, FIITJEE has laid emphasis on making the students imbibe the fundamental concepts of Science & Maths and on sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking process. At FIITJEE you will find a very powerful system that can help you unfold your full potential systematically. We train our students in such a way that they are ready to scale IIT-JEE successfully irrespective of the pattern. What is required is total dedication and hard work.

This Program is integrated and implies that we judge you only once and then take the responsibility of navigating your career for the entire curriculum. The above program has two options to choose from:

1. Regular Week Contact Program.

Classes shall generally be held three to four days a week, for four hours each time. The Classes are usually conducted after school hours (i.e. from 3:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.). Early completion of the Course enables all students to cope up well with the last month’s pressure of school besides giving adequate time for revision and consolidation of the knowledge and skills acquired at FIITJEE and required for being successful in JEE.

2. Weekend Contact Program

Classes shall be held only on Saturdays and Sundays ( except during vacations, during which the frequency of classes may increase), all three subjects shall be taught for two hours each on each day of class (of course with appropriate breaks). Students will be having classes on Saturday mornings too.

Classes shall be held on Saturday & Sundays as per the following schedule*:

On Saturday


On Sunday

1st Class

10:30 a.m.  to 12:30 p.m.


1st Class

09:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

2nd Class

12:45 p.m.  to  02:45 p.m.


2nd Class

11:45 a.m. to 01:45 p.m.

3rd Class

03:30 p.m. to  05:30 p.m.


3rd Class

02:15 p.m. to 04:15 p.m.

* Subject to change if required.

Note: Not all Program options are available at all FIITJEE centres. Kindly contact your nearest FIITJEE centre for more details.

Do not expect miracles or wonders from FIITJEE. Miracle is inside you. We are here to give you the best possible support. Inputs that you will receive from FIITJEE will be better than that received by all our earlier Classroom Program students as every year we try to put in better efforts.



JEE (Advanced), 2016