Career at FIITJEE is excellent for those with a good value system. It has all ingredients which give you respect, stability & status in the society. In terms of salary FIITJEE scores over almost all Government, Public Sector, the Indian Corporate sector jobs and even the big MNCs at parallel levels. There are faculty members in our ranks who left a job at Infosys, Microsoft & such companies to pursue a career in education industry.

With growing years the job at FIITJEE takes care of all the basic needs for a good and respectable life. There are provisions to give support for children’s education, personal accident cover, mediclaim, leave encashment etc. Gratuity serves as an additional long term benefit.

Today coaching has become a very big industry and the best brains in the country aspire to work for this industry. FIITJEE is proud to be a part of this movement. After achieving grand success in IIT-JEE training, we have diversified into AIEEE, NTSE, STSE, Olympiads, Advance Placement Tests, SAT (for admission to US Universities and Colleges) & Medical entrance exams coaching. We have also diversified overseas. FIITJEE Group is poised to promote several Schools, Engineering Colleges, Dental Colleges & Business Schools. Needless to say life at FIITJEE will be fast changing.

We are looking for people who have an excellent attitude, perseverance and a penchant to work in an environment charged with excellence and driven by values. We are on the lookout for the people, who know that they just need to chase excellence, work for pleasure & satisfaction and success & rewards are theirs for the taking.

There is a general perception that teaching for IIT-JEE is a tough task. We disagree on that count – training for IIT-JEE is different in approach but not difficult. It is a beautiful science. FIITJEE has a training program to help you mould yourself into an excellent teacher.

From modest beginnings to a scintillating streak of success, FIITJEE has come a long way in its journey of evolution as an education institution of distinction. FIITJEE continuing with its tradition of innovation and setting new benchmarks in the education domain has conceptualized and embarked onto the path of establishing FIITJEE World Schools for students of class VI to XII. FIITJEE World School is a concentrated effort towards preparing students for admission to various prestigious colleges & universities in India & abroad, within the regular school timings.


Recruitment Philosophy

The recruitment philosophy at FIITJEE is "Hire people for attitude and train them for skills".


Biggest thing in life is inner satisfaction, attaining a level of proficiency & perfection in ones actions. Recognition & rewards automatically come your way. To achieve this one needs a right opportunity in the right environment. At FIITJEE one gets the opportunity to touch highest levels of ones potential. So if you have been always looking for the right kind of opportunity you have arrived.

FIITJEE - the most powerful brand in serious education, has relentlessly been engaged in training students for IIT-JEE. Our endeavours have earned place of pride, name and esteem to this fledgling area of education. We have set the prevailing benchmarks in this sector and have the leader's responsibility of effecting incessant innovation through cutting edge training methodologies. We are synonymous with total success which has translated into a broad based training expertise for all kinds of engineering entrance exams. We understand education in a broader sense. We are India's only IIT-JEE guidance institution with an enduring Brand Identity and true multilocational. Our integrated school programs viz. ASCENT Plus for IX + X, PINNACLE for XI + XII, and SUPREME for IX, X, XI, XII students have revolutionized the school education.

FIITJEE Operation

FIITJEE's operations are divided across various functional departments such as Academics (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, Biology, Science, Social Science, Computer Science), Academic Operations, Strategy, Business Promotion, Admissions, Marketing, Advertising & Brand Management, Finance & Accounts, Legal, Projects, Personnel & Administration, HRD & Training, & Business Development.

FIITJEE is always on the lookout of talented, learned individuals who are ambitious, who love challenges and who have passion to excel, to be accommodated at any of the FIITJEE centres across the country and overseas (see locations).

Towards this objective, FIITJEE hires people at entry level, mid level and senior positions for the various above mentioned functional departments.